If you didn’t install the Mafia Wars toolbar yet, you could be the lucky winner of a special offer from Zynga: 50 Reward Points offered to you for free if you decide to install the Mafia Wars toolbar. I’m sure that’s an offer you can’t say no to, right?

I got the message while playing and, of course, I installed it without spending too much time thinking. I got the 50 Reward Points instantly and also an utility belt to help me with the game. So I believe it’s a fair deal and now I can always keep an eye on my MW progress.

So how can you get the 50 Reward Points offer as well? It seems that everything’s random, but I do believe that eventually everybody who doesn’t have the toolbar installed and is a somewhat active player will receive the offer which, according to Zynga, is a limited time one.

What happens if you have already installed the Mafia Wars toolbar? Zynga promised that they’ll check the stats and everybody who installed the toolbar BEFORE this event started will be credited with 50 Reward Points as well. Pretty cool in the end and fair play for everybody!

Did you get your free 50 Reward Points in Mafia Wars?