Starting today, there is a hot new building we can try and build with the help of our FarmVille friends: the Botanical Garden, only available for 14 days. In this article you will find a complete guide to the Botanical Garden in FarmVille, so start reading if you want to be one step ahead of your neighbors!

First question you probably have on your lips is What is the Botanical Garden in FarmVille?
It is a new building you can build with the help of your friends in a similar manner with the Maison, Horse Stable and so on. This means that you need a specific number of materials in order to build it. Once built, the Botanical Garden will become a cool decorative item for your farm. So make sure you know it: the FarmVille garden is ONLY a DECORATIVE item and has no other uses (like the horse stable).

Now… how to build the Botanical Garden?

You can purchase the entire building directly from the Marketplace for 50 FV Cash. But what’s the point when you can get it almost for free by purchasing the frame from the Market for 5,000 coins and getting help from your friends?

Neighbors can send you the components you need to build your Stable. Your Neighbors will be able to send you two of the five types of building components to help you complete your Botanical Garden – these components vary from person to person. Also, you can purchase additional components from the Marketplace for 1 FV cash for each material. Finally, when viewing the interior of your unfinished Botanical Garden, each component that you have not yet received 10 of has an ‘Ask For More’ button, that when clicked will take you to the Friend Selector page where you can select friends to send Gift Requests for your chosen component.

Once you receive 10 of any single building component, you’ll have the option to post a feed to your wall. The first ten neighbors to click this feed will receive a one of the same building component for their own Botanical Garden construction. When you reach 25 items overall, you’ll receive pop-up that will allow you to post a feed to your wall. The first ten neighbors to click this feed will receive a random building component for their own Botanical Garden construction.

When you complete your Botanical Garden, you will receive a popup asking you if you’d like to share the news with your friends. Clicking the Share button on this popup will give you the option to post a feed to your wall that will give up to five neighbors who click on it a free Hanging Flowers decoration.

To make it easier for you, you can check out Unigamesity’s Botanical Garden links post!

What is the Triple Parts and Single Parts I see when I click to Ask for More?

That is a nice way from Zynga to make you ask your non-FarmVille playing friends for help. If somebody you ask and who is not playing FarmVille decides to click the link and send you the gift, you’ll receive not one, but three of that part. Pretty cool!

Once built, the botanical garden will become your newest decoration. That if you still have space for it!

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