With the newly released buildable Botanical Garden in FarmVille, I am sure that all of you are wishing to find out the gift links for the gardens in order to speed up the process and be one of the first who build the botanical gardens. Fortunately, I have managed to find the links for you and, of course, I’m going to share them!

Here are the gift links for the Botanical Garden materials needed to complete the new FarmVille building:

White Trellis Link
Green Beam Link
Irrigation Pipe Link
Floral Bracket Link

Glass Sheet Link

Please note that these links are not cheats for the Botanical Garden – you simply have the option to send these gifts to your friends by clicking the links above. Also make sure you share these links with as many friends as possible to also receive the Botanical Garden materials for yourself – especially since we’re talking about a limited edition feature!

Did you manage to build your Botanical Garden yet?


  1. The links are not working as of tonight. I have tried several times, but they only take me to my farm. Do you know what changed?

  2. Come on already I am sick of this I am half way done with my botanical garden and now they are not on the free gifts any more. Give me a break.

  3. I am only half way through with my botanical garden and can’t get anymore of the materials. I clicked on the link above and it only takes me to my gift page. No materials.


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