zelda-carThe vehicle is dirt cheap (you can get it for $500), butt-ugly and old, but at least it can be considered the “Real Zelda Car”, which is quite enough with us, and probably with the guy (or girl) who will purchase it. The thing is that, despite the price and the geek admiration you’ll get, you won’t be getting too much out of this deal.

The “modded” 1978 Ford Fairmont turned into a Zeldamobile, according to Kotaku who found the listing, has done 110,000 miles, but has new brake cables, new tires, new shocks and even a spare headlight. The paintjob, however, needs some new touches, but there is some leftover paint for you. Yay!

Anyway, it’s probably the most one can get out of Zelda and a car today without investing thousands of bucks and painting their entire garage green. So it might be a deal. It’s only $500, after all. So if you’re interested in this little “jewel”, check out the listing on Gamesniped.