In a reversal of their previous stance, Square Enix have announced that gameplay  from the newly released Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn can be monetised after all.

“You may not use the Materials for any sales or commercial use, meaning you cannot receive license fees or advertising revenue, except as part of the partner programs operated by,,, or similar programs.”

This change comes in the wake of a materials usage license released earlier this week which stipulated that no footage of FFXIV‘s gameplay could be monetised through partnership programs.

However, even with the revised guidelines, FFXIV gameplay is far more limited than many other games. The materials usage license still states that users can not cut game footage together with third-party content without the explicit permission of the owner of the third-party content, preventing any Youtube clip shows being made involving FFXIV.

The guidelines also state that “When showing gameplay, you may not replace the FFXIV music with third party music”, which prevents any footage from being used in a montage or dubbed for comedic effect.