Just recently Microsoft introduced real currencies instead of their previously used Microsoft Points. This also meant the end for the Xbox Live Rewards. But don’t worry though. The Rewards are back in full swing with some additional bells and whistles.

Like before you will get Reward Credits if you accomplish different tasks. You will then be able to turn those Rewards Credits into cash that will be deposited into your Microsoft account. 5,000 Reward Credits are worth 5$. The following rewards are open to both Xbox Live Silver and Gold members.

A few examples on how to get your Reward Credits:

  • Renew your Xbox Live Gold membership for 12 months – 3,750 Credits
  • Make your first purchase from the Xbox Store – 1,250 Credits
  • Play a new retail release for at least 10 hours in the first 30 days after is has been released – 1,000 Credits
  • Complete the monthly survey – 250 Credits
  • Complete a punchard (My Apps, My Movies & TV, My Map Pack) – 1,000 – 3,000 and 5,000 Credits
  • Refer a friend to sign up for Xbox Live Gold – 1,000 Credits

Like before Gamerscore hunters will also get their own reward!

Depending on how much Gamerscore you have on your account you will get a set amount of Reward Credits for each 10$ you spend on the Xbox Store. To get this benefits you’ll need to be a Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

There are four different tiers that look like this:

  • Contender – If you have between 3000 and 9999 GS you will get 50 Credits for every 10$ you spend
  • Champion –If you have between 10000 and 24999 GS you will get 100 Credits for every 10$ you spend
  • Legend – If you have between 25,000 and 74,999 GS you will get 200 Credits for every 10$ you spend
  • Master – If you have more than 75,000 GS you will get 300 Credits for every 10$ you spend

If you haven’t signed up for the Xbox Live Rewards you can do it following this link!