poll-favorite-games-publisherWe’ve had a new poll here at the Unigamesity, trying to find out which is your favorite games publisher and I must admit that the results are more than interesting, as you can see in the poll’s image to the left. The “giants” are left behind, the console wars winners are left behind as well, and the winner of the “fans’ favorite publisher” goes to… Ubisoft!

It was a tough battle, though: Ubisoft received 22% of the votes, enough to grab the top spot in the best publisher list here on Unigamesity. With just 18% of your votes, Activision Blizzard grabbed the second place, while Sony managed to win the third place with 14% of your votes.

Electronic Arts and Microsoft are also in the books with 13% and 11% respectively, which is at least much better than Nintendo who grabbed the last place with a lousy 8%. However, it’s worth noting that other smaller publishers still have a word to say: 13% of you preferring the products released by other companies (like Eidos, Square Enix, Take Two etc).

Still, it’s Ubisoft who gets the crown and, as I said, I’m surprised with the result – I have never considered the company as “best” publishers, but it seems I might have to change my mind now… But what do you say? Which is your most favorite publisher? Let us know in the comment section below!