apogeeIt appears that the freeware or free game madness has finally gotten hold of the game developers and we’re now able to give you the chance to play even more games for free – pretty old ones, indeed, but it’s better than having nothing to play, right?

The games I’m talking about are released by 3D Realms as freeware: Kroz (the company’s first title, released as Apogee Software), Arctic Adventure, Dark Ages, Monuments of Mars and Pharaoh’s Tomb. To be honest, only the last title rings a bell, but this doesn’t mean we should ignore the others. However, make sure that, if you decide to download the titles from the 3D Realms official website, you have some kind of emulator on. Or that you’re still running MS DOS.

All in all, it’s great to see developers ready to release their classic titles for free: it is obviously not an easy thing to do, since they would’ve most likely preferred to have them featured on “classics” collections or something similar and sell them, but the gamers are happy. And if you’re into budget gaming now because of these troubled times, why not check out our previous features on 14 free to play racing games and 8 adventure games to play for free?