A very nice new feature has been released by Zynga to FarmVille, one that allows us to chat with our online neighbors in the game! This new chat feature in FarmVille obviously improves the “live requests” part of the game and as long as you won’t become too annoying to your neighbors, I am sure that it can be put to some really great use, giving advantages to us and our neighbors.

Next time you log in to FarmVille, you will notice that some of the neighbor icons will be highlighted by a green bar, while others by a red one. Green is the color you want to see because it indicates that the neighbor is online and you can chat with him or her straight in the FarmVille window.

Even better is the fact that the new “Chat with neighbors” feature in FarmVille allows us to send offline message to our game friends and they will see them when they log in to their farms next.

So even though Facebook has its own chat system, having Zynga implement their own in FarmVille is certainly better since it helps us chat directly with the neighbors that are online and we don’t have to browse through Facebook’s chat.

So what do you think about the new chat feature in FarmVille? Do you like it or consider it is completely useless?