Now that we are Off to a Good Start in CityVille, it’s time to get more depth in the new area of our favorite city building game and complete the Super Elders missions. It’s three of them that we have to finish and I am here to share with you details about each, so read on this guide to find all that you need to know!

Decorate Downtown mission
– Collect from Community Buildings Downtown 25 times
– Have Urban Apartments Downtown
– Have 25 Downtown Decorations
Rewards: 1,000 Premium goods, 10 XP

Move People In! mission
– Collect from 75 Residences Downtown
– Send 400 Trucks Downtown
– Supply 5 Premium Businesses
Rewards: 200,000 coins, 10 energy

Increase your Value mission
– Increase Downtown value by 20,000
– Collect 3 Times from a Level 3 Central Park (or greater)
– Collect from 40 Premium Businesses Downtown
Rewards: Rooftop Bar