CityVille Downtown Missions: Off to a Good Start

CityVille Downtown Missions: Off to a Good Start

It’s time to start working a bit more to make the downtown look perfect in CityVille, which means that it’s time to complete more missions. The Off to a Good Start missions are here and I am here too to share with you all the details about these new quests. So have fun completing them!

Off to a good start mission
– Collect 10 Ribbon Cutting Scissors
– Increase Downtown Value to 5000
– Expand Your Downtown 4 times
Rewards: 100 Xp, 3 energy

Raise the stakes mission
– Collect 25 fancy pens from friends
– Increase Downtown Value by 10,000
– Build a Diamond Jeweler
Rewards: 50,000 coins and 1,000 goods

Take some Downtime mission
– Collect 20 Mayor’s Hats from Central Park or any Downtown Community Building
– Have 50 Downtown Buildings
– Send 300 Trucks
Rewards: 400 XP and 100,000 coins