Xbox OneIn a late conference call discussing Microsoft’s earnings report for the month of September, Microsoft CFO Amy Hood described her company’s latest next-gen console as a “first class experience”. While discussing Microsoft’s Xbox holiday plans, Hood stated that both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One offer a “good breadth” of content for users.

“We are excited that we’ll have a great value offer at holiday with Xbox 360. And we’ll also have a great choice with our innovative Xbox One platform to really give us a good breadth rolling into holiday of selections across price points,” Hood said.

“We did, with Xbox One, make a decision to really enable a first-class experience out of the box. There’s Kinect, there’s a headset, and there’s the console. And depending on where you are around the globe, there may be a game included as part of bundles for geographic interest,” she added.

In a similar fashion as Xbox corporate vice president Phil Harrison, Hood stated that Microsoft has exciting things planned for their system long after it launches.

“I’m excited about the increased opportunity that Xbox One allows us to attach more and different services beyond what we’ve historically thought of as simply a gaming platform,” Hood said.

Hood did admit that since the Xbox One is being touted as an all-in-one entertainment device featuring original programming and live TV, most of these feature will take time to be realized.

“And when I think about the opportunity going forward, it is important in Q2 to realize that will impact our growth margin in the short-term,” she said. “But winning the platform at holiday and our positioning to do that allows us to grow profitability in a far different way over the life cycle.”

The Xbox One will launch in 13 territories on November 22.