wow312World of Warcraft fans worldwide, rejoice! The WoW patch 3.1.2 is live now, adding some content we have been all asking for and we didn’t receive with the huge 3.1 patch. Today, though, all our dreams come true and World of Warcraft becomes a complete game, even though until now many have considered it complete and complex.

However, despite all the great changes we’ll list below, we’ll still have a kind of disappointing one: the Daily Wintergrasp quests have now become weekly quests, but in order to compensate, the honor benefits and Stone Keeper’s Shards rewards have been boosted.

Here are some of the most important changes brought to WoW by patch 3.1.2, but for the full list you can follow the link:

– Equipment Manager
– New art textures have been added for Argent Tournament mounts
Death Knights: Improved Death Strike and Ghoul Frenzy now has a 10 second cooldown
Druids: Improved Moonkin Form
Hunters: Disengage: Cooldown reduced by 5 seconds

And there are quite some class changes, with the warlocks receiving the most attention.