earth-eternal-bremenSparkplay Media (known to the browser-based game fans as Iron Realms) have announced their first 3D, free-to-play MMO game, Earth Eternal. The game, an indie title that blends original fiction, mythologies from Norse to Egyptian, and classic fairy tales into one single game, appears to be a very promising title and I truly believe it might turn into a real hit when it is released if it will have enough exposure.

Currently in a closed beta stage, Earth Eternal is set to go live later this summer, but you can also check its official website now and sign up for the upcoming beta stages. Except for the classic MMORPG features (character customization, epic quests and so on), Earth Eternal has some interesting and impressive concepts. For starters, it is set in a world where mankind no longer exists and I think that’s a first in MMOs.

Second, the game promises to offer players the chance to choose one of the 22 (!!!) races, ranging from the bear-like Ursine to the Faerie-born Cyclops to the hawk-like Atavian. Even more, the character’s customization allows players to choose, if they want, some skills and abilities from other races as well, which means that obviously diversity (if the skills, abilities and races are well balanced) will be impressive here!

“MMOs can be daunting for those who haven’t played them before, so we wanted to create a dynamic, yet approachable experience with Earth Eternal; something fun for any level of gamer,” said Matt Mihaly, CEO of Sparkplay Media. “And by combining compelling full-featured, immersive MMO game play with story written for a Western audience we’re sure that Earth Eternal will have a wide appeal. We’re particularly excited to be able to offer all this in a browser.”

You can check out Earth Eternal here.