wowAs I told you earlier, the 3.1 patch for World of Warcraft has just been released and it appears that one of the most interesting quests is called There’s Something About the Squire and everybody is trying to find out as much as possible about it. So if terms like the quest itself, “skeletal woodcutter”, “mirror of twilight” or “large femur” ring any bells and you want to find more, you’re in the right place, since we dug and found out as much as possible about this new WoW quest, There’s Something About the Squire.

But first things first: the quest begins and ends at Crusader Rhydalla and your quest is simple: you have to loot Maloric and report back to the Argent Tournament grounds. You will have to obtain a Large Femur from the skeletal woodcutters (by killing them – do so until you get the item) and use it on Maloric. He is standing close to the Skeletal Woodcutters, so you won’t have troubles finding him. He’s neutral, so go near him and use the “Use:” ability on the Large Femur, then loot Maloric.

And that’s about it with the There’s Something About the Squire quest brought to World of Warcraft by the recent 3.1 update. It’s a quest for level 80 characters and your reward, except for the experience, is 7 gold and 40 silver. Please add your thoughts about this cool new quest, and share your experience with us!