world-of-gooCasual game developers and publishers always stated that they are confident that they will get over the recession without much trouble, but it seems that this economic downturn won’t forgive anyone. Therefore, we just heard about Brighter Minds Media, publisher of the acclaimed World of Goo, who filled for bankruptcy.

However, there might be a glimpse of hope in the whole situation since, as Game Daily reports, the company filled for “chapter 11” bankruptcy which means that the company still remains in control of its business while it reorganizes. And they might just change things around.

One of the reasons could be the successful World of Goo which, even though announced to have a huge piracy level, made it to last week’s top of most sold games and we’re sure it won’t stop selling. Even more, Brighter Minds has recently launched an online game portal which should start generating income pretty soon. We’ll keep an eye on them and let you know if things change.