worgens-and-goblinsIt appears that the initial rumors were true if we are to believe WoW.com and we’ll indeed receive two new races in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, rumored to be titled Cataclysm: the Worgen and the Goblin races will be introduced amongst other new features. However, don’t start making plans just yet as the story is not yet confirmed officially by Blizzard.

However, WoW.com states that “multiple sources close to the situation” have confirmed them the rumors: Worgens will be joining the Alliance while Goblins will be joining the Horde. And if there is one thing that makes us doubt the rumor is the fact that Worgens will be Alliance. I mean, come on!

However, if this is true, Blizzard certainly has the story ready and I am sure that the explanation will be satisfactory. We’ll learn more about that when they decide to go official on the situation or whenever the upcoming WoW expansion, Cataclysm, hits the internet.

Until then, we can only wonder, anticipate and debate. So please, feel free to use the comment section below and talk about the introduction of two new races in World of Warcraft, as well as other possible surprises Blizzard might have prepared for the launch of Cataclysm.