mr-t-wow-playerWith World of Warcraft being the most popular MMORPG in the world, it’s only natural to hear that celebrities are also playing Blizzard’s game. However, we will never know exactly how many or all their names, but at least we now have some names thanks to CastersRealm who managed to get some names of World of Warcraft celebrity players.

Here is the list of celebrities who play WoW:

Mr T (we all pity the fool who fight him!)
Verne Troyer (gnome?)
William Shatner
Dave Chapelle (Actor/Comedian)
Robin Williams (Actor/Comedian)
Vin Diesel (Actor)
Cameron Diaz (Actress)
Jon Luvelli (Rapper)
Kanye West (Rapper)
Hulk Hogan (former Wrestler)
Ben Affleck (Actor)
Felicia Day (Actress)
Mia Rose (Actress)
Jessica Simpson(Singer)
Mila Kunis (Actress)

Unfortunately for those who wanted to meet and maybe defeat Vin Diesel in a fight, the celebrities’ World of Warcraft names were not mentioned, but CastersRealm does say that some of these might even share their nicknames on MySpace so… of you go to do some investigations for yourself!