wolfenstein-the-veilMany people should thrilled to hear that Wolfenstein, the highly anticipated id Software game, is already available for purchase from various locations, including online stores like Amazon. Unfortunately, the game did not get out of Activision’s publishing doors as a flawless product – fortunately, the developers have already released the patch 1.1 for Wolfenstein, improving the game and fixing most of the problems the FPS has.

If you would like to know the background details first, it’s worth mentioning that story-wise Wolfenstein picks up immediately after the events in the previous game in the series, Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Now the Nazis’ are back and they’re meaner than ever, having unearthed a dimension known as The Veil, one that hides great powers. Your job, obviously – to stop the whole deal.

However, as I said in the introduction, there were a few issues that id didn’t notice before shipping the product. Fortunately, these issues will be fixed by the Wolfenstein patch 1.1 which can be downloaded from here. If you decide to download the 32MB patch you will notice the following changes and improvements:

– When on the purchase upgrade confirmation screen, ESC now cancels the purchase instead of returning to the menu.
– Sounds added for navigating menus.
– In order to prevent names from running off the screen, character limit has been reduced to 10 characters on names
– Fixed issue causing the Healing icon to remain after dying.
– Sprint functionality has been modified so user can sprint longer, but has longer duration before being able to sprint again
– Global chat now disables properly if disabled through the Server Launcher.
– Fixed bug causing the grenade ammo indicator to reflect having one more grenade in your inventory.
– End-of-round countdown voice-over takes priority over objective status voice-overs.
– When a round ends, the scoreboard will default to the chat window.
– Truck model in Canals has been updated so it is easier to complete the objective
– Clan Tag text box in the Options Menu has been realigned
– Audio countdown has been readjusted
– The kill ticker color has been adjusted to the proper team color
– MP43 melee attack speed has been slightly decreased
– Added Quick voice chat that can be binded via the console (the new binds are _needEngineer, _needMedic, _needSoldier, _needHealth, _needAmmo)
– Both teams should now be able to mute users properly
– Soldier arm when holding Kar 98 has been improved
– Reduced how far packs are thrown
– Reduced how far grenades are thrown
– Removed a chair near the crucifix in Canals to prevent the crucifix from dropping into an area where it could not be reached
– Control options now feature separate binds for Use (resurrect, objectives) and Item (Ammo, Health, Satchel)
– Choosing a random map rotation will work properly now
– Added ability to change cross hair appearance through the menu
– Fixed issue causing the crouch icon to remain after dying

Have fun!