CD Projekt RED, the folks behind the popular RPG series The Witcher today announced that they’ve moved the REDkit tool into open beta.

REDkit is similar in design to the tools used by the developers of the game to craft the world of The Witcher 2. The release of the tool is intended to greatly boost the modding scene, allowing players who may not have extensive modding skills to easily implement their own stories and then publish them to the world. Many of the features of a typical RPG may be easily customised by modders, allowing them to play around with the camera during dialogue and craft unique story based quests.

Those who enjoy world building will also be able to modify the terrain and implement a day night system. In addition, large groups of custom NPCs may be created for the protagonist of a story to interact with.

REDkit is in open beta at the moment, and will be released for free. Those who have a story in mind or simply want to try out the tool should head over to the official site.