wii-febThis is another week with fewer Wii Shop Channel Releases as usual: just one WiiWare and one Virtual Console title, which should still be enough for Nintendo Wii owners and keep them busy over the week. Also, this week Nintendo goes for a complete single player experience, either as a skilled mercenary or a high school student who meets some spooky creatures. More details about this week’s releases below!

Lit is a single player only WiiWare title which can be purchased for 800 Wii Points. It’s about a high school student who has to be guided through a series of classrooms occupied by creatures of the dark – one false step and your character gets pulled into the darkness too! Lit is a horror/puzzle game with 30 levels, five boss battles and even multiple endings!

Wolf of the Battlefield: Mercs is another single player only game available for Virtual Console for 800 Wii Points. This classic Sega Genesis title puts you in the shoes of a fearless mercenary, who has to battle against terror and guerrilla fighters. The new game also adds a brand new play mode so take no prisoners as you shoot, drive jeeps and tanks, and clash against huge bosses to accomplish your mission!