The people from What They Play announced that “multiple sources” confirmed that Nintendo is working to a new Wii, called, for now, Wii HD. The same sources said that Nintendo made some early presentation to a few selected audiences.

The new Wii should have HD capabilities and a new, improved, wiimote. Even if all these are just rumors and Nintendo officials said that “Nintendo does not comment on speculation or rumor”, we have some figures that clearly state that something is going on:

In 2003 Nintendo spend $34 million on R&D.
In 2006 – $103 million on R&D.
In 2007 – $370 million on R&D.

Clearly, “something” is being researched and developed. I just hope that by 2011 is not too late. By then we could have PS4, XBOX 720 and who knows what else.