Nintendo today launched a viral marketing campaign for the upcoming Game & Wario. It’s been set up in a manner similar to a Kickstarter campaign, using a site named “Crowdfarter.”

Instead of asking for donations to make a game, the Crowdfarter campaign is keeping track of every like and retweet it gets on Facebook and Twitter, with each repost of the content adding coins to Wario’s mustache bar.

Of course, as  a crowdfunding campaign, Crowdfarter also features a number of stretch goals. If Wario manages to get 5 bajillion coins for his campaign  a digital badge reading “I Crowd Farted,” will be released. 25 bajillion coins and a desktop wallpaper featuring Wario will be released. 50 katrillion coins and a Wario themed mobile ring tone will be released to those involved in the campaign. Finally, at 100 katrillion coins, a second trailer for Game and Wario will be released.

It’s an interesting marketing idea by Nintendo, lampooning the massive influx of video game related Kickstarter campaigns that are increasingly more about marketing than actually trying to fund small indie teams.

Game and Wario will be released for the Wii U on the 29th of June.