Paradox Interactive announced today a new phase for the early access of War of the Vikings, which will include new classes. This new update entitled Veiðimaðr, meaning The Huntsman, introduces three additional profile loadouts, including the Champion class and its deadly weapon, the Dane Axe. The company stated that several adjustments have been done as well and the development is still on going:

Several optimizations and adjustments have also been made as part of the ongoing development of War of the Vikings, which players are now experiencing firsthand through participation in Early Access, with their feedback directly affecting the course of the game.

The other two classes remain unknown, however Paradox Interactive and Fatshark explained that creation and customization is one the main priorities and as so, both companies are “working to ensure that players’ in-game Vikings have access to the finest possible beards”. Right now, the War of the Vikings’ community is hosting a beard competition, the “Beastliest and Bestest Beard Competition”. To participate in this contest players must submit their entries with real-life beards, the winning beards will be added tot he final version of the game.

War of the Vikings’ is estimated to come live early next year.