virtual reality

Picture yourself right in the comfort of your own home, spinning the reels of your favourite online slots game. Just like the usual, you wager some coins and earn some of them back. At times, you trigger bigger payouts. Then in one incredible stroke of luck, you activate a bonus round and get transported to another world. One moment you’re just spinning the reels, and with a flash of psychedelic colours, you find yourself in another place holding a sword and facing a five-headed monster.

Somehow, you have transformed into a medieval prince on a quest to discover unimaginable treasures. Then you see a message telling “cut off the monster’s heads to reveal your prize.” You find yourself entangled in a fast-paced adventure that brings you bigger payouts and prizes.

You ask yourself, “Is this real or is this just a game?”

You feel the arms of your chair and realise that you haven’t left your room at all. You then touch your Virtual Reality (VR) headset and remember that you’ve been playing casino games using this futuristic device. Sounds like something stripped off a dystopian sci-fi novel, right? Well, while the idea sounds crazy, you may be surprised to know that we are close to having the same virtual reality experience while playing casino games at home.

What is VR and Its Role in Online Casino Gaming

A number of VR developers have been designing and manufacturing headsets that will bring an extraordinary experience to the users. With the VR headsets, people have been able to virtually reach the peak of Mount Everest, join horse races and visit spectacular shipwrecks under the sea. These people have said that the experience looks – and feels – real.

With VR online casinos, players will get to visit a digitally constructed casino that features all the physical aspects of a brick-and-mortar one. Players will hear the chattering sounds of the crowd. They can look down and see the velvet floors, get to see the bright neon lights and hear the enticing sounds of the slot machines. Using the controller, they can explore the different features of the casino and join a table. They can interact with a dealer and even see their virtual hand place their virtual chips on the table. You can experience all these without leaving your home! Can’t wait to play these games? Regularly visit to keep yourself posted about the online casino games available on virtual reality headsets!

As of this writing, players can have a taste of casino virtual reality gaming through SlotsMillion – the first 3D and VR online casino app which allows players to bet using real money. Get to visit a casino lobby in the clouds, on the highest floor of a skyscraper. There, you can choose among a number of immersive 3D slots games and even interact with other players.

VR Products of the Future

2016 marked the year in which a number of hardware developers launched their own VR products. One of the most notable and most talked-about products in this sector is Facebook’s Oculus Rift. When Facebook acquired the product as a start-up in 2014, it was only available to fellow developers. However, this year, Oculus Rift has released its commercial VR headsets. Other brands that are expected to launch their VR headsets include Sony (Project Morpheus, powered by PS4); Microsoft (HoloLens) and HTC (Vive).