forza3-evidenceA while ago, Turn 10 announced it is working on “the next big thing” and many voices claimed that they were talking about a new Forza racing game. Those claiming that Forza 3 might be in the works were also backed up by some rumors leaked in June, according to which the upcoming racing title has 400 cars and 100 tracks planned for the full release.

However, since nothing was officially confirmed, people soon forgot about the news and moved on. But now it seems that we have some solid rumors (even though many consider them a confirmation): Kaarbo Design, a company that worked on the original Forza title, listed Forza 3 as a title they worked on and also posted some posters for the game. Although at the moment the title was removed from the company’s website, forzacentral got a screenshot just in time, so we now have solid evidence.

Still, the news, just like previous reports, was not confirmed by Turn 10 but we’ll keep you updated and let you know if things change. Until then you can tell us if you would enjoy playing a new Forza Motorsport game this year.