The highly popular Treasure Isle game from Zynga has a big annoying problem: huge statues that require different types of gems in order to be opened. The gems can only be obtained from your neighbors and since there are no less than five different types of Treasure Isle gems, things might get a bit complicated sooner or later…

Fortunately, I have some great news for you: I have managed to find the Treasure Isle Gem gift links, meaning that it will now be a lot easier for you to get the gems you need and continue your dirt digging madness! Just click on the links below for the indicated gem:

1. Treasure Isle Red Gem link
2. Treasure Isle Green Gem link
3. Treasure Isle Blue Gem link
4. Treasure Isle Orange Gem link
5. Treasure Isle Purple Gem link

I hope that now you’ll find it a lot easier to finish those maps and get all treasures in the game!