Two new Bangkok episodes have been introduced in Mafia Wars – episodes 6 and 7 – and they also have come with new loot you can gain from doing missions. If you’re curious which are the new loot items you can get from the new Bangkok episodes in Mafia Wars, just read on!

New Armor loot:
Titanium Mesh Jacket (31 attack, 46 defense)
Ninja (47 attack, 35 defense)
Royal Thai Marine (33 attack, 49 defense)
Chain Viper (46 attack, 33 defense)

New Vehicles loot:
Raed Armored Sedan (30 attack, 47 defense)
Lamang Motorcycle (49 attack, 34 defense)

New Weapons loot:
Nak Kha Shotgun (47 attack, 31 defense)
Titanium Katar (35 attack, 50 defense)

Also, there are new mastery items for finishing each of the two new Bangkok chapters, and these are:

Xinthriy Executive Jet (78 attack, 125 defense): awarded for finishing the Bangkok Episode 6
Thai Giant Centipede (133 attack 80 defense): awarded for finishing the Bangkok Episode 7

Did you at least start these two new Mafia Wars episodes?