Wedding Bells are ringing this week in Restaurant City. While the decorative items are not yet in play, you can already learn two new dishes for a wedding bash in your restaurant. One is a Starter while the other’s a dessert.

The Starter Dish is Canapes, which is a limited time only dish. You have to learn it within the time limit because when the time expires, it will disappear. As of today, you still have twenty days left to learn it. The Canapes dish needs four ingredients, which are Salmon, Coriander, Pork, and Pineapple.

For Dessert, you can already serve the Slice of Happiness. What an appropriate name for a slice of wedding cake. You need three ingredients for this dish. These are Chocolate, Sugar, and Cream. Just like the Canapes, the Slice of Happiness is a limited Dish. The time to learn it is the same as the Canapes.

Learning the Slice of Happiness is made easy because you can receive Sugar through gifting. As for the Canapes, it will use a Salmon, which will be a problem if you still haven’t reach Level 10 of the Salmon Sushi for your Sushi Bar.