Playdom seems to wish to take the social city management and building genre on Facebook to a new level with Treetopia, their latest game and a really promising title that puts you in charge of a mystic village (or so it seems) and challenges you to help the village grow bigger and bigger.

Unlike other city building games where you are in charge with just the building and placement of different structures and decorations, Treetopia brings other concepts into play: first of all, you can complete quests to find out more about the lands the game takes place in and second you need to grow your village’s tree. And this, plus all the mystic aura that surrounds Treetopia will certainly draw in a bunch of players.

Because, let’s face it: everybody loved Avatar and the idea of creating a world that’s even slightly similar to the one on Pandorra is a big turn on. I even managed to make my villagers blue for a better impact of the game, so I’m satisfied.

Right now I’m still playing with the title and trying to experience everything it has to offer, so expect a complete Treetopia review pretty soon. Until then – why not give the game a try and share your thoughts on it with the other Unigamesity readers?


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