Just as Paris Challenge Mission ends, Zynga unlocks Episodes 6 and 7 in Bangkok. The new episodes were first announced a few days back and Mafia Wars players anticipated its arrival in the game. New content is always welcome in Mafia Wars.

It was first announced in Mafia Wars’ fan page about the opening of the new Bangkok episodes. The announcement stated” “The wait is over – Chapters 6 and 7 of Bangkok are out now! Get in your game and travel to Thailand to master the new episodes.”

Just like in the previous Bangkok Episodes, you have to go through each chapter and master it to open the next one. Episode 7 is unlocked by mastering Chapter 3 of Episode 6. For Chapter 1 of Episode 6 you’ll need two Seux Machine Gun, a Lorry, and two Pirates. I haven’t started yet but I’ll report on the required items as soon as I got more information about it.

You’ll also notice that Episodes 5A, 5B, 6, and 7 are located on a separate job page in Bangkok. To access these Episodes, you need to reach the Trusted Level with either the Yakuza or the Triad.