Personally, I never had any problems with the capacity of my Treasure Isle backpack (which can carry 250 items at a time), but some of the more experienced treasure hunters probably need a lot more space – and that extra space can now be purchased thanks to the new limited items that have been introduced in the game: the Treasure Isle Balloons!

This new feature is similar to the previous bonus-limited-edition set of items, the Treasure Isle boats. This time though, as I said in the intro, the Balloons give you extra storage space. There are eight different types of balloons you can purchase and they each cost a hefty 40 Island Cash:

1) Rainbow Balloon
2) Starry Balloon
3) Anvil Balloon
4) Steampunk Balloon
5) Strawberry Balloon
6) Checker Balloon
7) Kitten Balloon
8 ) Pink & Blue Balloon

If you want to get yourself a balloon, you must decide by Thursday, when this deal expires. Will you purchase any of these new items?


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