It appears that Zynga is trying to offer Tresure Isle players more and more options when it comes to gathering the required gems to unlock the gates on the islands. This time, the developers are going to make our life a lot easier with the introduction of the Gem Mine!

What is the Gem Mine? A new buildable construction that we can place on our Island and which, once completed, will give us up to 5 FREE gems of different colors per day! Now that’s what you call a “gem mine”!

However, getting the mine itself requires some work: you first need to place the mine’s base and then click on it 4 times (and use 20 energy in total) in order to be able to finish it. In order to finish the Treasure Isle Gem Mine, you need 5 of each of the following items: bolts, planks, rope, pillars, gears. There are three methods to get the required items:

1) Simply wait for them to be sent as free gifts by neighbors.
2) Ask for them by posting a wall post on Facebook.
3) Purchase them for Island Cash, at the price of 1 IC per item.

Once you’ll have all the required items, you will be allowed to finish the construction of your Gem Mine in Treasure Isle and then you will be able to collect from it once per day and win up to five gems per day (of various colors, not of the color of your Gem Tree)!

Have you managed to complete building your Gem Mine?