Hello and welcome to a new regular feature here in the Unigamesity, the Fansite Watch – as the name says, we will be checking out various FanSites and share the ones of the highest quality with you. I will start with a bit of promotion simply to show you what to expect from the future: FrontierVille Info, the #1 fansite of Zynga’s latest popular game, FrontierVille!

What Makes FrontierVille Info so special?

Well, it offers tons of information, updated very often (a few times per day): from guides to completing various goals and special features in the game to information about new and old items, tips and tricks and a weekly contest: the FrontierVille Homestead of the Week, FrontierVille Info promises to become a leading source of information for all the FrontierVille fans out there. Even more, the community seems to be quite numerous and active, and that’s always a big bonus for a fansite!

How user-friendly is the fansite?

Very. If you are used to browsing blogs, you should have no problems with getting the most of FrontierVille Info: you can search for articles, browse them by categories or tags, navigate through the related posts… if they have it and you want it, you’ll certainly find it there!

So if you are a FrontierVille fan in search of some information for your favorite game, FrontierVille Info is the place to keep an eye on!

Do you know a fansite that’s worth mentioning here in the Unigamesity? Send me an e-mail at: contact@unigamesity.com and I’ll check it out!