Cafe World has switched the Daily Cooking bonus that used to reward active chefs with Cafe Cash (eventually) for cooking at least once for 7 days in a row with the Cooking Streak, a new reward system that is easier to accomplish, but no longer rewards players with Cafe Cash.

As you can see in the image (click to enlarge), the daily bonus is received on a per-five-day cooking streak and you can only win coins (the first two days), mystery dishes (the next two days) and, in the last day, a Premium Spice.

Also, below this menu you can check out your current cooking streak as well as the best streak, which certainly adds some extra personal challenge to the game. However, I preferred it back when Cafe Cash was a prize. But probably so did most of the active players and Zynga no longer found it profitable.

What about you? Which of the bonus systems did you love the best: this one or the past one?