There are three new types of super spice available in Cafe World today, each with really nice effects: the Mastery Mint, Magic Spice and the Twelvehour Thyme. If you’re curious to find out more about these new super spices available in the game, read on!

First off, we have the Mastery Mint which gives you one extra mastery point per dish. Therefore, using this spice you will be able to master all the dishes a lot faster! Here are the prices for purchasing the Mastery Mint:

Six Pack: 23 Cafe Cash
Ten Pack: 32 Cafe Cash
20-Pack: 50 Cafe Cash
50-Pack: 70 Cafe Cash
100-Pack: 90 Cafe Cash

Another new spice available in Cafe World is the Twelvehour Thyme. As the name suggests, it speeds up the cooking time of a dish by 12 hours. Here are the prices for the Twelvehour Thyme:

Six Pack: 20 Cafe Cash
Ten Pack: 30 Cafe Cash
20-Pack: 45 Cafe Cash
50-Pack: 65 Cafe Cash
100-Pack: 85 Cafe Cash

Finally, we have the Magic Spice, which is actually the new Mystery Spice and it has various effects on dishes, like adding extra servings, increasing the numnber of Cafe Points you earn per dish and more. This can only be received as a gift from your Cafe World Neighbors, so make sure you have at least a few active ones in order to take advantage of this great premium spice!