Because of the Master Farmer Part III goal, I found out the best way to gain XP in Frontierville. In this goal you are required to plant and harvest 1,500 Peanuts. This legume takes four days to be ripe for harvesting.

Although you have to wait a few days to harvest, Peanuts give out 13 Experience, 5 Food, and 1,450 Coins. You will not only gain XP points fast but earn lots of Coins as well. You can finally afford to complete the Found a Town Part III goal.

Plant other crops you need to complete your goals and then plant Peanuts in the rest of the available land. One tip is to stagger the planting of Peanuts so that you can harvest plots every day. That will also give you enough Energy so that you don’t need to spend Food on Energy to harvest your Peanuts.

Now that you filled your Frontierville homestead with Peanuts, the next step is use the power of the wind to gain more XP. If you have extra Coins, you can start the buy-and-sell of Windmills, which is the last item in the Decorations tab of the Market.

The Windmill costs 75,000 Coins and 100 Wood. This is the price you have to pay for the 800 XP you’ll get from it. Selling the Windmill will refund you with 4,000 Coins. Don’t worry about the Coins because your Peanuts can bring in the profits for your homestead in  Frontierville.


  1. The fastest way to level up and get loads of coins is through the chickens and chicken coops Period!

    One crop plot can hold 2×2=4 chicken and one adult chicken can give 1 XP + 12 coins when done by coops!

    If you have a total of 1000 chicken in your farm and lets say 10 coops you will get 10.000 XP per day and 120.000 coins only from the coops’ bonus.


    The peanuts thing is good for gaining big amount of food.

  2. That only works if you spend tons of time upgrading all of the coops and raising 1000 chickens. A task that would take forever for many players especially of they have a normal amount of neighbors. Realistically, the Peanuts and Windmill route is the most affective for a majority of the players.


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