The upcoming Total War: Rome II could have DLC updates for years after the game ships, developer Creative Assembly announced today.

Lead Creative Director James Russel feels that the launch version of Rome II only “scratches the surface of the Roman period.” In order to properly explore the era, he feels that DLC updates could flow on for years.

Paid DLC is a given, with Rome II already slated to receive several faction packs in the days following its release. Day one DLC will also be there for those who preorder.

After the initial release, Creative Assembly will be adding more DLC packs featuring new units, changes to gameplay and new campaign missions.

However, Creative Assembly are also aiming to support their games for those who don’t want to throw down more cash. The company points to the extensive mod community for Total War: Shogun II as evidence of the longevity of their games. They’re hopeful that a similar community will crop up around Rome II.

The company will also be rolling out a few free content patches, with a free faction bundle already announced for launch day.

Total War: Rome II will launch 3 September.