With this year’s Mother’s Day closer and closer and with you glued in front of your computer for “just one more” session of gaming, you certainly have no ideas what gifts to buy for your mother. Well, you could as well “infect” her with your own hobby, that of playing computer games and, even though she’s not a gamer, I have for you some suggestions she will certainly love. We’ll begin with 5 mainstream PC games for your Mother on Mother’s Day.

1. The Sims 3

You know the story – every single female in this world loves Electronic Arts’ game and your mother will be no exception. She will be able to live her life over and over again, buy that huge villa she never got the chance to buy, marry that handsome, rich and always fit dude and have a baby girl named Blossoms – allow her to make the dreams she had as a youngster come true. Eventually, she’ll understand that what she already has is the best already, especially after she discovers the Sims 3 cheats and gets bored with the game.

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2. Spore

And if she’d like to re-live her life, virtually at least, she’ll certainly love to become an almighty god and create life, new intelligent creatures and eventually conquer space. Spore is the best choice since it’s not that difficult to understand and, even if she won’t really like the actual gameplay too much, she’ll still spend hours tweaking and customizing her creature, over and over again. And that she will consider “stress relief” so it will be mission accomplished from your side. Especially since the number of creatures she can build is infinite.

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3. Zoo Tycoon

Well, it’s not really the most recent game of all times, but there are chances that your mother’s computer ain’t the rig to run Crysis on maximum level either. Therefore, an oldie but goldie female characters tend to love no matter what – Zoo Tycoon – might be the best choice for your to-be-gamer mother. There’s something about “cute little animals that need to be taken care of” that will certainly keep her glued to the chair.

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4. World of Warcraft

There is no reason for me to state again the tons of while your mom will like Blizzard’s WoW. Instead, I will say that out of the 10 million World of Warcraft players, there are certainly more mom-gamers than you can imagine. And sice there’s a bit of socialization involved in WoW as in any MMORPG, she will be delighted. Just make sure she doesn’t become too addicted – in the end, somebody needs to feed you too!

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5. Syberia

One of the best point and click adventure games in my humble opinion, Syberia is a bit more challenging in terms of gameplay and might not be the best choice if your mother is not the patient type, but if she is… then Syberia is a must buy for her. It has a beautiful story and characters she will certainly fall in love with, it has some amazing visuals and overall is a flawless game she will certainly enjoy.

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Do you have a gamer mother? If so, what mainstream PC titles do you plan to purchase for her?