A really sad and at the same time enraging news today: we have word about a teenage student who got battered to death in front of his girlfriend over an Xbox 360 console. The thieves were caught and jailed for life but this does little to patch the pain the teenager’s family and girlfriend are going through now.

The attackers – three guys aged 23 picked the house of 19 years old teenager Ross Davidson at random and started to beat him with 3ft lengths of wood until he was fatally wounded – everything in front of his shocked girlfriend who could do nothing to stop them. After this stupid act, they stole his Xbox 360 and ran away but were caught and jailed for life, the Daily Express reports. But they can still take a deep breath of fresh air and talk to their families…

The teenager’s brother said: “Ross Davidson was not the only person that was robbed that night. My mother was robbed of a good son, my sister was robbed of her best friend and brother, I was robbed of my little brother. His nephews were robbed of a good uncle, his friends robbed of a good friend and the community robbed of something wonderful.”

It’s a really sad news for the gaming community. Sincere condolences to the family!


  1. This is a really sad thing to hear, unfortunately it’s not the first time someone has lost their life over a games console and it probably won’t be the last.

    I just hope that Xbox 360 red ringed on those bastard thieves before they got a chance to play it!

  2. what a stupid reason to kill someone they should die for doing something stupid like this!!!
    And by the way all the news about people dying because of a video games system involves always an Xbox 360


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