Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Season 2 is an adventure horror game series based on Robert Kirkman’s original comic books. Choices made in Season 1 and 400 Days DLC will affect Season 2’s overall progress. This new season will unveil how Clementine survives this hostile world and as usual, choices are mandatory and game changing.

Episode 1 Walkthrough: All That Remains

The first episode is a continuation of the first season and it will reveal Clementine’s fate after Lee’s death. All That Remains is set several months after No Time Left.

Part 1: Just the Two of Us – Clementine and Christa

After a brief prologue where Omid is killed by scavenger Michelle, Clementine and Christa are trying to travel north and reach Wellington, a supposedly safer place. After a small conversation where Clementine can express her feelings, Christa takes off to look for more wood. It’s raining heavily and Clementine tries to keep the fire on, she can then use a lighter in her backpack and then fuel it with a nearby log. In the meanwhile, she hears some and finds out that two bandits are attacking Christa. This is when the first major decision in season two arrives and you have only two options – run away without stopping or cause a distraction and save Christa. A bandit will chase Clementine and both will run into a horde of zombies. After multiple fights, she is able to push the aggressor into a nearby zombie, who kills him but she’s far from being safe. While trying to escape the horde she slips and falls into a fast flowing river.

The moment where players have the chance to save Christa or let the bandits kill her.

Major Decisions: Save or Leave Christa Behind

Tips: Keep damaging the bandit’s hand; avoid all the zombies by running to the sides.

Part 2: Meeting Sam

Clementine will then wake up in a beach. Alone and without any kind of supplies she goes back into the forest hoping to find Christa or anything able to keep her alive. You’ll eventually hear strange noises and that’s when Clem meets a dog named Sam. The dog will run wildly after a brief encounter and guide Clementine to the abandoned camp of his previous owners. After searching around, Clem finds a can of beans in the trash bin, however she needs a tool to open it. She is able to collect a knife after beating a tied up zombie. Note that you must blow his brains with a wood first. Clem manages to open the can and starts eating, however Sam is starving as well and he begs for the food. Clem can choose to share or keep the can all for herself, but regardless your choice Sam will attack. The dog bites Clementine’s arm strongly but she is able to kick him off, the dog then lands on metal frames, causing heavy blood loss. You can leave the animal to suffer or put him out of his misery.

Sam looks like the begining of a promising relationship, however hunger is a very primary necessity… even if you give him some food he’ll still attack you.

Major Decision: Kill Sam or Leave Him to Suffer

Tips: Finish the zombie with a wood branch; get Sam off you by kicking him.

Part 3: The Stranger’s Dilemma: Was it a Walker’s Bite?

Clementine has an open wound and with a fever rising she rambles around the woods. Several zombies start approaching and that’s when two strangers, Luke and Pete, save her from an inevitable death. They take her to their cabin but as soon as they notice the bite on her arm, they decide to lock her in a cellar. Despite all your arguments and Pete’s friendly words, the strangers won’t believe your dog bite story. You have nothing to fear it really wasn’t a walker but the wound is deep and it might kill you soon if you don’t take care of it. The only option is to sneak out and collect all the medical items required to stich and bandage the wound. Clementine gets the fishing net from the cellar, then she has to infiltrate the cabin to obtain the needle (from the bathroom) and bandage from a bedroom. Finally, to get the antiseptic she has to talk to Sarah (in her bedroom) and pretend they’re friends. Once Clementine promises they’ll be great fiends, the girl gives her the peroxide. Back to the cellar, Clem starts taking care of her arm but when she’s about to bandage herself, a zombie manages to get in. She has to use a nearby shovel to keep the zombie away and the final blow has to be done with a hammer. With so much noise, the new characters will show up and notice that the little girl was actually speaking the truth.

The cabin’s doctor, Calos, takes a look at Clementine’s arm and he is not sure if it was a dog or a walker. The group decides to leave Clem untreated and locked in the cellar until next morning.

Major Decision: Be Sarah’s Friend or Deny Her Friendship

Tips: Don’t bother checking the windows or doors, you need to enter the house from the cellar door; finish the zombie with the hammer.

Part 4: Apologies

The members decide to let Clementine in the cabin. Carlos, the group’s doctor, takes proper care of her wound while threatening her to stay away from her daughter, Sarah. Afterwards, Luke drops his skepticism and offers Clem some food. He also tries to know her better by asking about her past. Clem can then confide a bit about her parents and Lee’s lessons. Nick comes in and apologies for his outburst earlier, justifying that his mother died because the group allowed a bite victim inside before; players can accept or refuse his apologies. In the meanwhile, Rebecca doesn’t lose another chance to express her hastily, telling Clementine to do not get too comfortable around the group.

Clementine talks to Luke about her past and how Lee taught her how to survive out there.

Major Decision: Accept or Refuse Nick’s Apologies

Tips: Be honest or make a cover story, don’t mix both.

Part 5: The Fishing Trip

In the next day, Pete, Nick and Clementine leave for a fishing trip. When they reach the shores they find out several fresh corpses and notice that they were shot – the group decides to look for survivors. Pete thinks that a man named Carver may have been responsible for this brutality, while Luke says they should get out of there. In the meanwhile, Clementine finds her old backpack near a corpse and realizes that all these men were part of the bandit group that assaulted her and Christa. One man near Clem is still alive, he begs for water and it’s up to you to give or refuse his request. When you’re about to discover the author of this menace, walkers emerge from the woods and attack. One zombie manages to bite Pete’s ankle and many more start to overcome Nick. You have to make your ultimate choice here, save Pete or Nick. If you save Pete, you can see Luke run into the woods but on the other hand if you save Nick, Pete is immediately killed. The episode ends with Clementine and the saved companion thinking about what to do next.

If players decide to save Nick, Pete will be immediatly devoured by two walkers.

Major Decision: Save Nick or Pete