Playfish and Electronic arts have teamed up to bring one really promising project on Facebook and possibly put an end to our (real) social lives: they have released The Sims Social, the online version of the popular Sims franchise and a game that, at a first glance, delivers everything a fan of The Sims would want to see.

As soon as you load up the application on Facebook, you will notice that the game’s visual feel is very similar to that of The Sims 3, which is a great pro for the title and for us knowing that EA and Playfish didn’t have to sacrifice too much of the great visuals to deliver the great game. And everything else is here: Simlish, the language that we have all become to love and a great music to make us feel at home in The Sims Social and enjoy playing.

However, unlike The Sims 3, The Sims Social is a mission-based social game, meaning that you will have to complete various quests in order to get ahead in the game and unlock new goodies or features. At first, the missions are a joy to complete since they act as a tutorial, showing you everything you need to know about the interface and the new features. However, if you are a regular Sims player, you should have no problem finding your way around and understanding how things work.

The game, in theory, is very complex, just like The Sims: your Sim has basic needs (social, rest, hygiene, food and so on) and you must make sure that you keep him or her happy. You can also perform a ton of things by interacting with the objects around you: play the guitar for some extra XP and money, send an e-mail on the computer and so on. Basically, The Sims Social allows you to get a new life on Facebook and create a family there. Because, yes, in The Sims Social you can interact with friends and even fall in love with them (with your real neighbors, I mean!)

Unfortunately, at the moment of writing this review, the game is a bit overrun by bugs and glitches and it might become a bit frustrating to keep trying to play, but no game on Facebook is perfect immediately after launch and I am sure that in a few weeks from now The Sims Social will become as close to a flawless game as possible.

The conclusion is that if you are a fan of The Sims franchise, you definitely have to try out The Sims Social. And say goodbye to real life!