sims-3-authentication-messageUnfortunately for some of us, the recently released Sims 3 can cause some headache, especially due to some unwanted errors, like the “Disc Authentication Error” message many people are reporting (which appears to be generally connected with the “MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ-841S” device. But don’t worry anymore! Thanks to Electronic Arts we have the answer to correct the disc authentication failure crack fix on your computer!

According to an official troubleshooting message, this disc authentication error in The Sims 3 usually appears when or if your machine has DLA installed on it (software that allows DVD recording by drag and dropping). Here is what you have to do in order to deal with this problem and solve it:

Check out How to Correct the Disc Authentication Error

– Click on the Start menu on the Windows Taskbar.
– Click on My Computer.
– Right-click on the DVD drive letter you are using to run your game.
– Select Properties from the list of options.
– You should see a DLA tab in the Properties panel, where you can disable the DLA software on your machine.

If disabling the DLA software from the Properties panel does not solve your issue, you can also try to update the drivers for your DLA software through the manufacturer’s website. If updating your drivers still causes you to get the ‘disc read authentication’ error, you might want to completely uninstall your DLA software using the ‘Add or Remove Programs‘ tool in the Control Panel.

If you have no DLA but still receiving the Disc Authentication Error message, you should try to turn off or uninstall any disc emulation software you might have (such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%). Hope this solves you disc authentication problems in the Sims 3 and you can fully enjoy your game!