The Room Two has finally been launched and we’re here to offer you the first walkthrough for The Room Two, Fireproof Games’ hot sequel of their prize winning and mind bending puzzle game. We are glad to see that the same level of high quality gaming has been kept for this game, and below you have the step by step instructions for the complete solution of The Room Two, Chapter 1 – because we have to start somewhere. We’ll also make sure to add all necessary screenshots to help you progress easier.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s go deep into the game and check out The Room Two walkthrough below!

First complete the quick instructions of the tutorial – double tap the note and swipe to open it then read it to know the story. Tap the lens then hit the back button. Pinch the screen to zoom out completely.

Double tap the other table and double tap the box to the right. Rotate the keyhole cover and tap the button, then swipe open the top. A simple puzzle follows – rotate the middle in order to get it done.

the room two walkthrough 01

Slide open the drawer and tap the lens to take it. It will be automatically placed on the eye piece. Tap the eyepiece icon to the right to wear it then tap the fingerprint and again to take the small piece of metal. Tap the eye piece again to close it.

Pinch the screen to zoom out and double tap the right table. Zoom in to its right and place the metal shape (drag it) to the left:

the room two walkthrough 02

Go back to the left table and zoom in on the envelope. You will see on the corner of the table the second piece of metal:

the room two walkthrough 03

Go and put it in the right spot, then rotate the left and right wheels in the middle to get the sphere:

the room two walkthrough 04

Zoom out to see the table, then double tap the letter. Use the eyepiece to see a hidden code: SESWN:

the room two walkthrough 05

Zoom out and in again on the wheel on the middle of the table. Place the sphere there. Now rotate the wheel to point at the indicated letters. Pick up the medallion:

the room two walkthrough 07

Tap the medallion to zoom in. Place one finger on one arrow, another one on the other arrow and drag in the directions indicated by the arrows. A new shape will appear:

the room two walkthrough 08

Zoom in to the left table and into the box in the middle. Place the medallion on top. A lamp will appear. Alternately you can read the letter on the table:

the room two walkthrough 09

Now back to the lamp. Double tap it to zoom in on it and tap the eyepiece. Move it to the left a little to reveal the first symbol:

the room two walkthrough 10

On the new wall, there is another symbol:

the room two walkthrough 11

Finally, you will spot the third symbol on the third wall:

the room two walkthrough 12

Time for a new puzzle:

the room two walkthrough 13Move the top of the sphere in the statue’s hand until you reveal a complete symbol. You will be taken into a new dimension with a some red lines in the middle. Simply swipe to the right so that you move to the left of the statue and align your red lines with those on the wall. The door opens and you will complete the first chapter of the game!

The Room Two walkthrough is still a work in progress. We’ll update it as soon as we have more completed, so make sure you check back soon with us for the chapter 2 walkthrough. This is an amazing game!

[UPDATE] There is a new part of the Chapter two in our The Room Two Walkthrough published – make sure to check it out if you need extra help!