Nowadays the very thought of designing and developing games primarily for laptop or desktop use is quite frankly, antiquated with the majority of major players catering to the mobile phone users too. Whether it is slots, poker, table games or any other, the most popular are designed on HTML5, and are used across numerous formats which include; tablets, laptops, PC's and smartphones, and of these, slot games have proven to be by far the most popular.

This had led to sites like Swanky Bingo offering free slots no deposit deals in order to tempt new players through their virtual doors. The slots games offered today are easy to understand and play, and have been fully optimised for the mobile player. Sites like Swanky Bingo also offer BOKU as a payment option. This means that players do not even have to give the site their banking details, in fact they do not even have to have a bank account to play.

BOKU uses the phone bill to pay for games, and this means that either the amount will be taken off a player’s pay as you go balance or added onto their monthly contract bill.

It feels as if life is becoming far more busy each day so being able to take a few minutes out to enjoy a game can be a real plus. The cost of games will either be deducted from your pay as you go account, or it will be added to your monthly phone bill. This option makes playing on a favoured slot more accessible and convenient.

Today we rely on our mobile phones for so many things whether that is for browsing and then paying for goods or services, keeping up with friends or playing games, listening to music or watching videos, our mobiles have become firmly integrated into our lives, to lose one can actually cause feelings of depression or anxiety.

In one survey taken with the student community over 80% actually felt jealous if someone else handled their mobile phone, and phubbing (the act of ignoring a partner in favour of your smartphone) has been blamed for many relationships breakups, being up there with money problems and children.

We are as addicted to our smartphones as those executives way back when wisecracks were made about the BlackBerry users. Not only are our smartphones the single most important piece of kit we carry about with us each day, they are also the must have fashion accessory to own, with some protective cases costing far more than the device.

The trend towards all things mobile is not slowing, and we can expect some even sleeker devices in the future.