This is great news for those out there who were looking forward to playing the game, but don’t have the best PCs to do so. Spring 2014 will usher the upcoming MMO-RPG, The Elder Scrolls Online, into the Xbox One and Playstation 4 ranks. They are currently looking for beta testers for the console versions, so click here and sign up to try your hand at being chosen. This seems like it should have been an obvious move from the start as the series has had several past releases on consoles as well.

Apart from the console announcements, there is also a new gameplayer trailer that was shown at E3 today. You can watch it here and yes, it does include gameplay footage. To be honest, the game does seem to be lacking a little in terms of graphics. I understand that they are trying to allow PC gamers that don’t have high-end systems the opportunity to play, but this game might be the worst looking out of what I have seen for the next-gen consoles so far.

There is still plenty of time for changes to be made, so I am not making any final judgments just yet. The game looks like it is going to be a blast to play. I mean, who doesn’t want to explore Tamriel with a group of friends? I know I do!