terminator-salvation-screen04Terminator Salvation: The Video Game seems to be the game to prove me that the concept “games based on movies suck” due to poor quality is no longer valid: we have a bunch of new screenshots from the game and they look impressive and, up to a point, Fallout-esque, which is a great thing since Bethesda’s RPG managed to created such a perfect post-apocalyptic world.

Terminator Salvation: The Video Game takes place two years prior to the action in the upcoming Hollywood movie and it’s set in a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles in which Skynet is rising to power (this means that “I’ll be back” was not yet said – so it’s no point to believe that he will be back – or other characters from the previous movies).

Either way, the game looks solid and the screenshots are really great. If the gameplay is at least as good, we’re up for a high quality game with Terminator Salvation: The Video Game.

But now check out the new screenshots below!