We can do all sorts of stuff on Facebook when it comes to games, from opening Cafes and taking care of sweet animals, to fighting against our friends and even creating a frontier town. But can we open a tattoo parlor and place cute fairies on peoples’ butts? Well, now we can thanks to Tatto City!

The idea of the game is very simple: you have a small space which you can decorate as you see fit – but for now you’re quite limited due to the lack of items, and you have a magic button that opens up your tattoo parlor for three minutes, time in which you have to work fast and do everything your customers ask you to. And don’t think too far away: they will ask you to tattoo them only and the combinations are sometimes hilarious.

I say that because the developers have divided the human body in areas: leg, chest, back, butt etc and created a ton of possible requests from the customers (cute things, wings, fantasy and so on) which are randomly chosen every time a customer visits your parlor, so you will sometimes see hilarious results like “cute red dragon on my back” or “fantasy wings on my butt” (who would like that, anyway?)

Randomness aside, the game’s core gameplay is plagued by a bug that actually makes Tattoo City unplayable: when deciding what tattoo to use and where to place it, you are shown a menu. From there, you click on the tattoo you consider appropriate, then select the indicated area of the body. And here’s where the bug appears: after pressing the arrow to scroll through the different part of the body, you can’t see them but instead you keep seeing the first one (which is usually a wrong one). So you’re like a blind tattooing freak that nobody wants to visit in the end…

So basically the game is broken. It has no social features that I know of, it is repetitive and boring and the number of items available for purchase is less than limited (and probably half of them can only be purchased for real money). So Tattoo City is a game you’d better ignore completely if you care about your sanity.

However, if you’re willing to risk, you can check out Tattoo City here.