If you feel that you have everything it takes to own your own store, then I invite you to the Market Street, Playdom’s latest hit game that challenges you to create the store of your dreams, earn a ton of money and keep your customers happy. And you’ll be happy too since Market Street is really a nice game – read on this review to find out more about it!

As in the real like, in Market Street you start up with a really small space, one counter for the merchandise and bags of hope. Unlike in real life, in just ten minutes you’ll have your store expanded, a couple more counters added and 5 grand in your pockets. How on Earth could somebody hate such a game?

Jokes aside, Market Street is a game that certainly used much of Playdom’s experience in the social gaming universe: each counter you have can only hold one specific type of product, product which has to be ordered and delivery takes time. Even more, each product is part of three main categories (which don’t affect the game too much for starters): clothing, electronics and do it yourself and three sub-categories which influence the game: hangable products, stockable products and oversized products.

What does this mean? It means that, for example glasses – which are stockable products – can not be placed on a T-rack for example. And the same stands for each product. Add to that the fact that the number of displays you can own at a time is limited by your level and you’ll soon find out that managing a store – even a small one – is not as easy as you might’ve thought!

The nice thing is that there are lots of products to order in Market Street based on how active you are: from products that are delivered in a couple of minutes to those that take an entire day to arrive (and sell), you have them all. There are also lots of decorations and goodies to add to your store and personalize it, so pretty soon your store will look exactly as you want it to!

The social element is present in the game as well and you can send free gifts for your friends to sell (like the latest Lady LaLa album), you can visit their stores and you can even hire friends to help you sell all the products and get rich together.

Market Street is also challenging due to a long series of goals you have to complete – they’re on the To-Do list – but experience earning and leveling up appears to be a bit strange, at least for a social game: from what I’ve seen, you can only gain experience when ordering and placing products in your store and not for collecting the sales money or actually selling the products. Even more, completing the goals doesn’t give you experience, which is even stranger. But, hey – if you reach level 100 in two days, there’s no fun, right?

The only thing I don’t really like about Market Street is its graphics which appear to be a bit outdated – plus the fact that you can’t change the looks of your sales persons, but only their uniform’s color. But since this is still a young game (despite having over 6 million active users), things might change in the near future.

Either way, Market Street is a game I am recommending you – so head over to Facebook and play it! Have fun!