syberiaFans of the adventure genre should be really happy to hear that Syberia 3 is really in the works! However, one of the most impressive adventure game series of all times might not see daylight on the PlayStation 3, just because of Sony’s pricing policy – and that was the same reason why this game did not enter development until now!

1UP reports that Microids president Emmanuel Olivier (Microids being the developers of Syberia 3), said: “Beyond this censorship of the authors and their producers who believe in their creations and who take the financial risks when building up productions for the console without knowing whether they will be approved or denied by SONY in the last minute, the exorbitant royalties demanded by SONY to manufacture the games on its consoles seriously hamper the financing ability of independent producers.”

And indeed the numbers they had to pay were big: “Microids has paid more than 15 million Euros of royalties to SONY for its entire catalog, which represents 55% of the Microids turnover for this platform. April Fools? Well no! It is unfortunately the ‘rule of the game’ imposed by SONY.”

So what to do now? Well, we could just sit and wait to see Syberia 3 on, probably, the PC and Xbox 360, or we could answer Olivier’s call to arms and try to convince Sony that a change in their policies would be welcomed. However, this seems to be a battle even Don Quixote would find impossible…